quarta-feira, 11 de março de 2009

“ I would pearsonally love to stomp the peace of shit motherfuckers ass who put that flower on my truck the other night...

... you people have nothing better to do I am a hunter a consumer of the flesh 90% of the food i eat is from wildlife thats how i was raised i do my damnist as a AMERICAN citzen to mind my own buisness but people like you keep naging shit on so therfor mind your own fucking buisness so what if birds like to fuck out in public its not a crime for people to watch for you dumbass people that dont know its called mother nature thats the way god intended so therfor once again until you people find something better to do with your life keep your comments and your flowers to yourself please.”

É o que Drod, um camionista exaltado, tem a dizer acerca do assunto.
Mas também temos o testemunho de um cidadão de Denver:

“ Once this heinous crime is made illegal, I can only imagine how busy I will be bonding these guys out of the “clink”. This is a perversity beyond any other that I can imagine. Any idea as to when legislation will be picking up a bill on this issue? I would think it would have to be sooner rather than later, I see this activity happening at every local park here in Denver. It must stop and it must stop soon!
I hope that legislators will take this serious and prosecute with at least a class 3 felony!”

Também se pode adivinhar o que vai pelas escolas através do testemunho do professor Harrison:

"I’ve seen the bird porn protesters, yes, their leader Ms. Krok is cute and looks like Big Bird carrying that sign LEAVE THE BIRDS ALONE. Anyhow, the only significant comment I have is that kids are watching bird porn on computers and pretending it’s a nature study. I teach grade school and have caught a number of these little buggers with erections. So let’s get real and alert the dumbos who can’t see the forest because of the trees. Let me know how and where I can donate my time and money. Let’s all stop bird porn and save our kids from graduating to beastiality and crack cocaine."
Acho que hoje vou passar o meu serão aqui. Quer dizer, eu até preferia foder uma galinha, mas elas andam tão esquivas...

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